A Good Portion Roasted Pistachios - Chili-Saffron (250g)

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A Good Portion Saffron Roasted Pistachios nuts are artisanally roasted in small batches using real saffron and the finest and simplest ingredients. They are roasted in traditional drum roasters without oil to ensure quality and freshness. For a stronger flavor, make sure you lick the shell.
Pistachios are a good source of vitamin B6, phosphorus, and thiamin, and an excellent source of copper. A single serving of pistachios offers more potassium than half of a large banana.

A Good Portion is a leading brand of NaturaPack Foods Inc., a Vancouver-based food production and packaging company dedicated to bringing delightful, healthy and high-quality products to you and your family.

- Unique OIL FREE Roast
- All Natural Ingredients
- Kosher Certified
- Gluten Free
- Non GMO
- Vegan /Plant-Based
- Re-sealable Packaging
- Manufactured and Packaged in Canada

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