Halvana Tahini Squeeze - Pesto (300ml)

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Halvana™ modernizes this ultimate Superfood (no sugar, high protein, iron,
micro nutrients) in a velvety smooth texture in a non-separating liquid ready to
be squeezed out of a convenient squeeze bottle with no fuss or preparation.

“Squeeze on everything” means using Tahini as a condiment
of choice on all foods to provide a nutrient dense flavour
enhancement to so many foods.

- First “healthy condiment”- plant based, six or less ingredient superfood in
convenient, ready to use squeeze bottle.
- First to Market Flavored Tahinis (classsic, hot chili, pesto) -smooth, velvety texture
- Replaces commercial condiments, sauces, dressings and dips
- Shelf stable 100% natural without colours, preservatives or any additives
- Made with only pure ingredients
- Made delicious by stone milling, fire roasted sesame seeds
- No sugar, high iron & protein)

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