Trace Trace Plant-Based Mineral Water - Plant Based Water (355mL)

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Trace Plant-Based Mineralized Spring Water
8.5 PH / Fulvic & Humic Acid Extract, TRACE minerals absorb electrolytes
Healthy Minerals: Natural Canadian Alkaline Spring Water enhanced with the goodness of plant-based, fulvic-derived nutrients
Improve Immune System: Fulvic Acid has been used in natural medicine for thousands of years as an antioxidant
Rehydrate: Make hydrating a nutrient filled experience, and ensure your body has everything it needs to rehydrate efficiently
Functional Water: TRACE's premium alkalkine water is filled with powerful TRACE minerals to help absorb electrolytes and improve body function

What is Black Water?
“Black water” is a term that describes water that contains fulvic acid (FvA) and sometimes otherminerals or vitamin additives. Black water is also known by other names, such as “fulvic water” and “natural mineral alkaline water”. Black water has higher pH and alkalinity, making it less acidic than most bottled drinking water or tap water. Black water has been getting a lot of attention from health conscious people, naturopaths, and scientific research for its purported health benefits (in addition to the hydration we all need).

There are many studies on the benefits of fulvic acid (the active component of black water) for many health conditions. While studies are ongoing, current research shows that fulvic acid has promise for improved health and reduced disease. Studies suggest that fulvic acid may:
Improve gut health by facilitating the growth of good gut bacteria. Facilitate absorption of electrolytes. Facilitates delivery and absorption of minerals to cells. Have antioxidant properties that may reduce free radical damage and inflammation that are the leading causes of many diseases. Safeguard against Alzheimer’s disease and possibly other degenerative brain disorders by inhibiting the tangle formation of tau filaments (also called “tau fibrils”), which are tangles of proteins that scientists have identified as a major factor contributing to neurodegeneration. May be useful for the prevention of allergic diseases. Illicit and lengthen the duration of immune response. Increase testosterone levels, total sperm count and sperm motility in male subjects.

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