Good Food For Good Summer Mint with Turmeric Root (28g)

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Refreshing peppermint tea with turmeric root – lively and thirst-quenching mint with a mellow sweetness.

Cool and refreshing, peppermint resets the brightness. Offers clarity and calm while the world buzzes. Fennel seeds add a pleasant sweetness to this thirst-quenching tonic that is also an effective digestive aid. Can be enjoyed hot or cold, after a large meal or a long to-do list.

• Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory with a range of healing benefits.
• Our blends all contain black pepper which optimizes the absorption of the medicinal compound, curcumin.
• Refreshing herbal tea that soothes body and mind.
• Peppermint and fennel aid digestion.
• Caffeine-free
• Certified organic, all-natural tea that is free of preservatives, added colors and sweeteners.

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