How To Properly Combine Foods To Improve Digestive Health

October 25, 2018

Eating a banana and peanut butter at the same time does not mean they will be both digested at the same time. All food digests differently! 

Protein = is slowly digested. Digested in the stomach and small intestine.
Carbohydrates = are digested fast. Digested in the mouth and small intestine.
Fat = is slowest digested. Digested in the small intestine.

The food coats your stomach in the order it was eaten.  

For example, you have a salad for an app - this will coat your stomach first.

A steak and potatoes for dinner - will heavily coat your stomach second and then you finish it off with dessert - which will be the last layer to coat your stomach.

When large amounts of foods are consumed in one sitting, your stomach acid has a hard time breaking down all of the food you just ate. This can lead to bloating, gas, pain etc. due to the food sitting in the stomach start to cause fermentation gases.


Now before we start combining foods like crazy, you've probably been eating "improper food combinations" your entire life right? 

So if  you do eat foods that should not be combined, don't stress!

If your still concerned about eating pasta with cream sauce and experiencing indigestion afterwards, try this... eat on an empty stomach in order to ensure separation from each other in the stomach to prevent fermentation and bloating.


- When foods are properly combined together, no digestive imbalances should occur
- Protein and starches combined should be avoided to improve digestion.
(example: steak and potatoes, pasta and cream sauce)
- Protein and vegetables is the best combination for easy digestion and absorption.
- Fruit should be eaten on its own, with vegetables or before meals (due to the fact it is fast digesting).
- Healthy fats like avocado are neutral and can be paired with most foods.
- Melon should always be eaten separately.

By: Miss Emma Troupe

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